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Caribbean Amber

When you read that the so-called “Caribbean amber” was “recently found on an unknown small Caribbean Island” you should give it as much factual credibility as the novel “Treasure Island” or the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

A well known amber-jewelry manufacturing company  is promoting “Caribbean amber”, a beautiful transparent green gem material that the company says is the color of the Caribbean Sea. It’s found on an “undisclosed small Caribbean island, close to the Dominican Republic, where other ambers have been found.” Sounds romantic.  

This “Caribbean Amber” which comes in greenish tones, but also in amber, red and all kinds of amber colors is certainly beautiful.  Fact is, that what  is being sold as “Caribbean amber” is enhanced Colombian resinite copal. And what is “Copal” and how is it different from amber? Only the age. Copal is young amber and Amber is young copal. And Colombia has a Caribbean coast, so it really is Caribbean.

In the copal hardening process, it is being “aged” in the autoclave for several hours. See: Wikipedia: Caribbean Amber. But this method is not strange at all, considering all the weird technics that are used to enhance, clarify and modify the famous Baltic amber which is sold to the gullible public as “natural” and “genuine”. See:

Fact is that “Caribbean Amber” is very useful for all kinds of applications and a great material for jewelry. And we can supply it. Of course, you as customer should be informed of what you are buying instead of getting all kinds of Caribbean pirate stories. Right?

On the other hand, is there something like REAL “Caribbean Amber” that comes as old amber in its natural form? Definitely. 

 It is found in the Dominican Republic (not Dominica, mind you!!) and comes in regular amber colors as well as blue and green. But it has not been “discovered recently”. To the contrary. Columbus and the Taino Indians exchanged amber gifts when he arrived on the island he called “La Hispaniola” . 

(See Dominican Amber

Besides the Green  Amber (see: one of the specialties of the Dominican Republic is the Blue Amber (see: ). It is green and blue by nature, not enhanced (they have no idea how to do that), green amber and blue amber just the way it comes from the mines.

And we can sell you both. The original, old “Caribbean amber” from the Dominican Republic, where we are and the much cheaper “Caribbean amber” made from Colombian copal. You decide what you need.