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Buy Caribbean Amber

We are in the lucky position to offer you both: Natural Caribbean amber from the Dominican Republic and enhanced “Caribbean amber” (Copal) from Colombia.

In Natural Dominican green amber, there is the rare translucent kind (which the copy-cats imitate and call “Caribbean Amber”), also an opaque green, a green with black stripes (almost marble), a bluish green, smokey green, olive green etc. And it is all NATURAL. Just the way it is found in the mines!

On the other hand, the so-called “Caribbean amber” is enhanced Colombian Copal (young amber), and does not only come in green, although it is the most known. It also can come in brown, red, honey and even the cream and butterscotch color you know from the Baltic. All which also can be turned into beautiful beads and gems. Why it is called “Caribbean Amber”? It probably was a publicity stunt, but it stuck. And since Colombia also has a Caribbean coast…

Besides the green and other enhanced colors, we can supply you with Colombian Copal in its natural form, not modified. We offer quite a few large specimens, a lot of medium size chunks and tons of smaller pieces. We sell it with and without inclusions, raw -rough-, polished, tumbled and as beads. Besides specific specimens offered as single items, we mainly wholesale.

Our sister site has a catalog where you will find this interesting material. We are experienced wholesalers of natural rough amber and polished amber and Colombian copal suppliers. But we will always be truthful to you. As a fair partner, will tell you what it is that you are looking at and getting. As we work with the direct source can deliver almost any commercial quantity upon request.